Was it infatuation or fate that brought Brian Skornicki and Cecile Meunier together to create Crave crème glacée? The young couple seemed destined for this delectable pairing. But be forewarned, this is no kiddie ice cream.

Cecile, a luxury goods marketing manager, whose aunt, grandmother, and great grandmother made their living in France the old-fashioned way (by hand-churning classic French glacée), and Brian, an aspiring actor/chef, whose mom spent her entire pregnancy on a total ice cream diet, are “spiking” things up a bit with their Crave cocktails: two parts classic French crème glacée, one part fine spirits, and three parts seduction. Voilà, the perfect ménage à trois for a sophisticated adult palette.

Crème glacée cocktails include such luxurious combinations as Sinful Truffle, bittersweet chocolate ice cream with a splash of Grand Marnier; Passionate Chills, passion fruit sorbet drizzled with Grey Goose Vodka; and Port Pleasure, melon sorbet layered with fresh berries and port. Other flavors like Sabayon and Banana Rum come delicately infused with spirits in their mix.

Got a craving? Absolve yourself with every mouthful by placing your order at www.cravecreme.com, or just visit New York City restaurants Le Souk, Santa Fe Grill, and Gavroche where you can choose from a variety of Crave crème glacée flavors and cocktails. Crave is also available for private parties and special events. —Judiaann Woo