Created by high school friends and business partners Beth Kimmerle, candy consultant and author of Candy: The Sweet History, and Will Noonan, founder of the NYC–based product design firm Porcupine Product, Big Tips Candy Collection brings together some of the country’s best regional candy bars in one finely tuned collection.

Working as candy curators, Beth and Will sampled hundreds of rarely seen treats concocted from chocolate, peanut butter, cherries, caramel, marshmallow, and other gooey delights before narrowing their choices down to 15 bars, many of which have been in production for decades. Since its release earlier this year, Big Tips boxes have been flying off the shelves, headed for destinations all over the United States.

For many customers these bars induce pure nostalgia. A transplanted Boisean might hanker for an Idaho Spud just as a San Franciscan yearns for a Rocky Road, and eating them can bring back memories of a cherished time or place. But Big Tips fans are also comprised of an entirely different demographic—a younger generation of hipster candy eaters who are drawn to the bars’ creative packaging, imaginative names (Goo Goo Cluster, anyone?), and retro appeal. It just goes to show, the heart of a true candy bar lover knows no bounds.

The Big Tips Collection ($19.95) includes a Big Cherry, Bun Bar, Clark Bar, Goo Goo Cluster, Idaho Spud Bar, Mallo Cup, Mountain Bar, Nut Goodie, Old Faithful, Peanut Chew, Rocky Road, Salted Nut Roll, Sky Bar, Twin Bing, U-No, and a coloring book of the bars’ history and trivia.

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