Here are some of our favorite pumpkin picks:

Ciao Bella‘s seasonal offerings might just be the thing. Their pumpkin and spice gelato captures the rich and creamy taste of that perfect slice, only frozen. Top a few scoops with some fluffy whipped cream and graham cracker crumbles, for a taste reminiscent of the classic.

If you’d like something to slice into, delight everyone with a delectable pumpkin cheesecake straight from New York City’s Eileen’s Special Cheesecake. For Atkins devotees, you can order the sugar-free version and still experience that great pumpkin goodness.

If not pie, why not cake? Warren Brown’s CakeLove, in Washington, D.C., bakes up pumpkin Crunchy Feet. These simple and irresistible pound cakes are baked in mini brioche pans and get crunchy along the edges. Order them with or without buttercream. Each Crunchy Foot is made from scratch and baked fresh daily. Call ahead for mail delivery, or if you’re a last minute planner and live within driving distance, you can get same-day service.

Japan-based Beard Papa‘s cream puffs are the newest craze to hit the streets. Their baked choux pastry shells are filled to order with fresh whipped cream custard and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Their daily flavors include chocolate and vanilla, and as a special tribute to Thanksgiving they will be featuring you guessed it, pumpkin! Cream puffs are $1.25 each or $7.52 for a box of five to share.

Think outside of the box and bring pumpkin pie truffles in place of pie. Moonstruck Chocolate Co.‘s fall collection, devised by master chocolatier Robert Hammond, includes maple walnut, harvest almond, caramel apple, pfefferneuse (anise spice cookies), pumpkin seed marzipan, pecanette, molasses plantation, nutmeg, and of course…pumpkin pie. — Lindsay Eberhard