For the Naturalist
Publique Living is a well-designed home accessories company based in San Francisco worth keeping an eye on. The handsome pieces, created by a former graphic designer, will add panache and style to any holiday get-together. We love their Mply wooden trays for serving, and to complete the look we suggest the porcelain Tree Cup and Saucers.; platters, $50 to $120; cup and saucer, $18 per set


For the Kid in You
These melamine dessert plates are charmingly designed with recipes written by children. Humorously questionable recipes for big cupcakes, banana bread, sugar cookies, and orange cake give a kid’s-eye view of baking, plus you can’t beat the fun bright colors of the plates themselves.; $28 per set of four


For the Seafarer
Thomas Paul’s sea life melamine dessert plates are both minimalistic and elegant and are the perfect backdrop for lemon sables and chocolate cake. Bright green turtles, royal blue seahorses, fluorescent ruby goldfish, and golden puffer fish swim across these bone-colored plates.; $28 per set of four


For the Sophisticate
Cheery in their red and green palette (and with a hint of pink and lime green, oh, so Kate Spade) with a festive snowflake pattern, these fine porcelain plates are perfect for holiday entertaining. Dessert plates come four to a set, two green and two red. Go all out and add the mugs ($75 per set of four) and cake stand ($100) to boot.; $50 per set of four


For the Chocoholic
Inspired by antique posters and menus from Italian and French chocolatiers, the Cioccolato porcelain dessert plates from Rosanna have all the appeal of European cafes. The square plates have femininely ruffled edges. They can be paired with sturdy mugs ($45) and pitcher ($35) for complete dessert service.; $35 per set of four


For Hanukkah
Although this thorned-flower design is made to suit any occasion, we think the icy blue color and sleek pattern make these porcelain plates a sure fit for any well-styled Hanukkah gathering. They are also perfect for mixing and matching with other patterns. Add brown for a back-to-nature, winter-wonderland look to delight.; $48 per set of four


For the Modernist
Amidst all these plates, we couldn’t forget including just the right dishes for serving homemade ice creams and puddings. These delicate, handmade porcelain bowls from Anne Black look every bit their Danish heritage. Simple, understated, and smart, they can be purchased in soft green or blue punctuated with a dotted red line. Called Tilt, the edge is slightly higher on one side, adding a subtle touch of whimsy.; $25 to $57 per bowl


For Überluxe
Hand carved from white marble, these shallow dessert dishes from Roost can be used as bowl or plate and will give any dessert instant sophistication. We love the unassuming style and versatility they offer, lending a tony touch to any evening fete.; $45 each


For Yuletide Cheer
Waechtersbach in Germany is renowned for their brightly colored dishware. In a modern square shape, this welcoming red Christmas tree dessert plate will instantly spread holiday joy and goodwill (especially when topped with goodies).; $65.95 per set of two


For your Inner Cowboy
We don’t frequent rodeos, wear chaps, or know how to rope a wild horse, but we like these calling-all-things-western dessert plates. True West china company has made an entire holiday line from Christmas cards artist Tillman Goodan painted for friends and family. We like the dessert plates with bucking bronco, tossed cowboy, and a fresh cut pine tree (we hope the falling cowboy can make good use of).; $95.68 per set of four


For Royal Presence
Wrought Irony small plates from Working Class Studio come in electric green, blue, orange, and red with black-outlined floral motifs set over a pattern-filled silhouette of a deer, pheasant, crown, or coat of arms for a full-on British-manor-meets-hunting-lodge nod that is completely modern in execution. Make a run in one pattern or mix them; either way we like the bold, unique statement they make.; $6.00 per plate