Okay, so this holiday can get a little overly sugar-sweet for us stoic types—and we aren’t just talking about the treats here—but Valentine’s Day is still tops in our book. Who would really want to do away with a day where people give each other nice cards filled with professions of love and friendship, chocolates, flowers, and other holiday inspired desserts and candies? Like, duh! Take the conversation hearts and run.

For us at PastryScoop, part of the giving usually involves some baking, and few things are more fun than whipping up a batch of cookies or cupcakes to decorate and give away to friends, coworkers, lovers, grandaunts, or the lonely hearts in your life. Crate and Barrel offers a few baking tools to help you with your pastry art while flaunting a little festive red and pink action. And, well, we kind of heart that, too. —Liesel Davis