A little bird is telling Londoners when to pick up baked goods fresh from the oven.

Twitter, which allows you to send out messages (up to 140 characters) to anyone who signs up for your feed, is one of the latest in the up-to-the-minute social networking that has taken the internet by storm.

And with practically everyone (Aunt Susan to P. Diddy) jumping on board, lines are getting crowded with all the virtual noise. So whose tweet should you pay attention to? Well, we found one we think is brilliant. Poke (a please-don’t-box-us-in creative company that focuses on “inventing and making interactive things”) has ingeniously combined social networking with technology to create a smart and practical application for Twitter.

With their East London headquarters situated across the street from Albion Bakery (part of design and restaurant mogul Terence Conran’s latest project with his wife, Vicki, and Peter Prescott—Boundary, a 17-bedroom hotel converted from a Victorian warehouse that also includes a food store and several restaurants), Poke’s creative minds got to thinking about how great it would be to know exactly when warm scones and cupcakes were coming out of the oven. This led them to create BakerTweet: a small piece of hardware using Arduino technology (an open-source electronics prototyping platform used to create interactive objects or environments) that allows bakers to send messages to Twitter as soon as something comes out of the oven without the problematic issues raised around introducing a laptop into the kitchen. Bakers are busy and kitchens are messy, and understanding this, Poke set up their gadget so that all the bakers have to do is switch the knob on the BakerTweet and a message is sent to Twitter, where it can then be edited, say, to read something like, “Fresh croissants are our raison d’etre. Come on over and get some,” before going out to eager customers with a link to an enticing photo.

The bakery reports that business is hopping. They can send out a tweet, “Apple Turnovers. So hot in the middle they ought to carry a safety warning,” and the rush is on. For bakers and customers alike this is a dream come true.

For more info, email: iwantone@bakertweet.com.