Curious about making Spun Chocolate? Interested in creating a mango yolk? Or maybe you have been wondering what to do with atsina cress? (Make Almond Milk Tapioca with Atsina Jelly and Atsina Ice Cream, of course!) Then we have the book for you. Pastry in Europe 2009 is chock-full of what’s going on in pastry from all over Europe. Culibooks, a small publishing company in Belgium, has been putting out glossy magazines (Culinaire Saisonnier and Pâtisserie & Desserts) and books since 1995, and this is their first book for a North American audience. The annual book has been put together to bring Europe’s newest techniques as well as time-tested traditions to pastry chefs around the world. Eye-catching photography, recipes, and interesting bios, covering the likes of Melt in London and Gérald Passédat at Le Petit Nice in France, make this book an enjoyable romp through the sweet troves of Europe. With its signature bright pink cover, our desk copy has sucked in more than one passerby. Pick up at your own discretion; you may not be able to put the book down. —Liesel Davis