1. Who wouldn’t want the perfect compact container for taking ice cream to the beach or the boat or over to a friend’s house? We know we do. Check out this tub from Zak Designs. With its insulated walls and gel-filled lid, you can take your own homemade delights or your favorite Ben & Jerry’s along for the ride. Ice cream will stay cold up to two hours. Ice cream junkies rejoice! Available at Amazon.com.

2. Thomas Keller has teamed up with Williams-Sonoma to sell a silicone mold for making his famous bouchons. Although this isn’t exactly a kitchen necessity, our tester loved the pan and the brownielike bites they produced (a recipe comes with the mold) and even tried out adapting the mold to several other recipes. We think these chocolate “corks” are perfect for picnics in the park and family backyard potlucks.

3. Grilled fruit desserts are at the top of the PastryScoop.com’s things-to-love list, and for grilling just about anywhere, we think you can’t beat Weber‘s classic Smokey Joe. This may not be a newbie, but it’s definitely a must. We are thinking rooftop parties, tailgate parties, and a walk down the street to the neighborhood party with grill in tow would all apply. The opportunities for grilling seem endless. This little grill comes in two sizes: Silver and Gold. Get inventive. it’s not just fruit that should make it onto the grill; try finishing pound cake and pastry doughs for composed desserts that can’t be beat. —Liesel Davis