photo by David Lebovitz

Dorie Greenspan, cookbook author, recipe developer/owner CookieBar, New York City
With her love of food and adventurous spirit, Dorie Greenspan has completed 10 cookbooks over her illustrious career. Having won various accolades and honors for her efforts, she is respected by both journalists, chefs, and cookbook readers for the quality of attention she brings to her work. Not only has she introduced the world to the likes of Pierre Hermes, but you know that when you pull one of her books off your shelf, you will find recipes to inspire that also work. She has also completed two one-week runs of a cookie pop-up-shop, CookieBar, with her son, whom she affectionately refers to as “The Kid.” Dorie divides her time living in Paris, New York City, and Westbrook, Connecticut, in turn. You can follow her culinary escapades and find recipes at

My hometown is… New York City (Paris and Westbrook, CT, too).
I get inspired by… ingredients, color, memory, mood…. I love that it’s impossible to know what will turn out to be inspiring.
My favorite dessert right now is… Pierre Herme’s Plenitude, a domed chocolate/caramel/fleur de sel cake.
My favorite nonfood indulgence is… travel.
When I was a kid, I wanted to be… tall and blonde (and a world traveler or a reporter, or both).
The soundtrack of my life would include… chants in a language I don’t understand.
If I could get away from the kitchen for a month, I’d spend the time… in someone else’s kitchen, preferably one in France.
I like desserts because… there’s no real reason for them except pleasure.

baby-size gâteau Basque

sablé Breton with lemon curd and berries