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The French Culinary Institute teaches the protocol, language, and techniques upon which all Western cuisine is based. The FCI offers a rigorous six-month program by day and nine-month program by night for those who seek quality, intensive culinary and pastry arts education in a condensed period of time. The school also offers a career track in bread baking. Its extensive roster of Specialized Training programming for those of all skill levels covers a wide array of disciplines, including food writing, wine and beer studies, restaurant management, food styling, cake decorating, and culinary technology. The FCI’s time-tested hands-on Total ImmersionSM method of instruction taught by the industry’s best informs all of its curricula, including its intensive consumer courses designed for serious amateurs. In 2007, The Italian Culinary Academy, sister school to The FCI, opened its doors. For more information, visit www.frenchculinary.com or call (888) 324-CHEF.

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Graham cracker

A honey-sweetened rectangular cracker created by Sylvester Graham in 1830.

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This Valentine’s Day, All’s Fair in Love and War

Give us a box filled with beautiful, shiny chocolates on Valentine’s Day and we will gladly devour the contents—while you watch, if you don’t move fast enough! But New York City–based chocolatier Jacques Torres tells chocoholics to play fair on February 14th, or to at least give their lovers a fighting chance. Continue reading →

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