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Almond Flour Power

Almond flour has been a favorite baking ingredient for centuries, and now it’s becoming a top pick as a wheat flour substitute. Sarah N. Balzac looks into the benefits of baking with almond flour and heads to the kitchen for some experimenting.
Ryan Burke
It’s a fair assumption that many of us strive for the

Put a Lime in the Cookie, and Eat It Up!

Get out the limes and start squeezing! Sarah N. Balzac takes a look at the use of Key limes in desserts beyond pie Continue reading →

Sugar and Spice Make Everything Nice…and So Does Bacon!

Flavor combinations abound, and out of the thousands one can come up with, the sweet and salty one is a glorious winner. And in this category, bacon is quickly gaining center stage. See how this savory treat is upping the dessert anty Continue reading →

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Melba sauce

A sauce, created by Auguste Escoffier (a famous French chef) for Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, that is made by combining strained fresh raspberry puree, red currant jelly, sugar, and cornstarch.  It is classically used to adorn peach Melba, but can be used as a complimentary sauce with a variety of desserts.

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A Chocolatier’s Point of View

It’s time for the soft velvet crush of Valentine’s Day. Find out how some of our favorite chocolatier’s take on the holiday. Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re one who gleefully looks forward to hearts and roses or scorns Cupid’s little bows and arrows, you have to … Continue reading →

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