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Almond Flour Power

Almond flour has been a favorite baking ingredient for centuries, and now it’s becoming a top pick as a wheat flour substitute. Sarah N. Balzac looks into the benefits of baking with almond flour and heads to the kitchen for some experimenting.
Ryan Burke
It’s a fair assumption that many of us strive for the

Put a Lime in the Cookie, and Eat It Up!

Get out the limes and start squeezing! Sarah N. Balzac takes a look at the use of Key limes in desserts beyond pie Continue reading →

Sugar and Spice Make Everything Nice…and So Does Bacon!

Flavor combinations abound, and out of the thousands one can come up with, the sweet and salty one is a glorious winner. And in this category, bacon is quickly gaining center stage. See how this savory treat is upping the dessert anty Continue reading →

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Referring to food that has been mashed until completely smooth, either by hand or using a sieve, processor, mill, or blender. It can also refer to the process in which the food is smoothed.

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2009 Cookbook Gift Guide

We spent a lot of time this year with our noses in cookbooks. And we’ve assembled our top picks—in a baker’s dozen—for gift giving this season. We have a selection here to excite just about anyone to get into the kitchen and start baking. So, read on to find the right book to suit … Continue reading →

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