Liqueurs, also known as cordials, are sweetened spirits flavored with a variety of ingredients, such as seeds, fruits, herbs, flowers, nuts, spices, roots, leaves, and barks. The base can be brandy, rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, or other grain spirits that range in alcohol content from 6 to 55 percent. Liqueurs are typically served after dinner as a digestive but are often an important element in many cocktails and desserts, as well.


Name Flavor and Description
Absinthe a green anise- and herb- flavored liqueur
Advocaat a creamy eggnog-flavored brandy
Akvavit /aquavit a liqueur flavored with anise, caraway, and dill
Alizé a yellow or red cognac flavored with passion fruit juice
Amaretto an almond- and apricot-flavored brandy
Amarula a creamy marula-flavored liqueur
Anesone a dry anise-flavored liqueur
Anisette an anise-flavored liqueur
Applejack an apple-flavored brandy
Bailey’s a creamy Irish whiskey flavored with coffee, chocolate, and coconut
Bärenjäger a honey-flavored vodka
Batida de Coco a coconut-flavored rum
Becherovka a bitter herb-flavored liqueur
Bénédictine an herb-flavored liqueur
B & B a blend of Bénédictine liqueur and French cognac
Cactus Juice a margarita-flavored tequila
Calvados an apple-flavored brandy
Campari a red herb-flavored liqueur
Carolans a black currant–flavored Irish whiskey
Cassis a creamy black currant–flavored liqueur
Chambord a black raspberry–flavored liqueur
Chartreuses a plant- and herb-flavored liqueur
Chéri-Suisse a chocolate- and cherry-flavored liqueur
Chocolate Suisse a chocolate-flavored liqueur with pieces of chocolate at the bottom
Cointreau a bitter and sweet orange–flavored brandy
Cordial Médoc a blend of brandy, curaçao, and crème de cacao
Crème d’Abricots an apricot-flavored liqueur
Crème d’Amande a pink almond-flavored liqueur
Crème d’Ananas a pineapple-flavored liqueur
Crème de Bananes a yellow banana-flavored liqueur
Crème de Cacao a brown or clear chocolate- and vanilla-flavored liqueur
Crème de Cassis a purple-colored black currant–flavored, liqueur
Crème de Cerise a cherry-flavored liqueur
Crème de Menthe a green or clear peppermint-flavored liqueur
Crème de Noyaux a pink-hued almond-flavored liqueur
Crème de Rose a liqueur flavored with vanilla, rose, and spices
Crème de Violette an orange, white, or blue liqueur flavored with bitter oranges and violet essence
Curaçao an orange, white, or blue brandy flavored with dried orange peel
Drambuie a Scotch whiskey flavored with heather honey, herbs, and spices
Eau De Vie a colorless brandy distilled from fruit juice
Fior D’Alpe Isolabella a spicy liqueur flavored with juniper, mint, thyme, arnica, marjoram, and hyssop
Forbidden Fruit a grapefruit-flavored brandy
Framboise a raspberry-flavored brandy distilled from fruit juices
Frangelico a hazelnut-flavored liqueur with the essence of flowers and berries
Galliano a golden-hued flower- and herb-flavored liqueur
Glayva a Scotch whiskey flavored with spices, herbs, heather honey, tangerine and other citrus, and almonds.
Godiva a white or dark chocolate–flavored liqueur
Goldschlager a cinnamon-flavored Scotch whiskey with gold flecks
Goldwasser a gold-flecked liqueur flavored with caraway, orange peel, and spices
Grand Marnier an orange-flavored cognac
Herbsaint an anise-flavored liqueur
Irish Mist a Irish whiskey flavored with heather honey and herbs
Izarra a green or yellow brandy flavored with mint
Jagermeister an Irish whiskey flavored with spices, herbs, flowers, anise, and vanilla
Kahlúa a liqueur flavored with coffee, cacao bean, and vanilla
Kamasutra a ginseng- and fruit-flavored liqueur
Kirsh a cherry-flavored brandy distilled from fruit juices
Kümmel An liqueur flavored with herbs, caraway, cumin, and fennel
Lakka a yellow cloudberry-flavored liqueur
Lemoncello a creamy or yellow liqueur flavored with lemons
Licor 43 a liqueur flavored with citrus, vanilla, and herbs
Malibu a coconut-flavored rum
Mandarine a creamy brandy flavored with tangerine and candied orange
Maraschino a bittersweet, cherry-flavored liqueur
Midori a green-colored honeydew melon–flavored liqueur
Ouzo an anise- and licorice-flavored liqueur
Parfait d’Amour a purple liqueur flavored with rose petal, orange, and vanilla
Pasha a coffee-flavored liqueur
Passoã a passion fruit–flavored liqueur
Pastis 51 an anise- and licorice-flavored liqueur
Pernod an anise- and licorice-flavored liqueur
Peter Heering a cherry-flavored liqueur
Pimm’s an herb- and quinine-flavored gin
Pisang Ambon a green-colored liqueur flavored with tropical fruits and herbs
Poire William a pear-flavored liqueur distilled from fruit juices
Prunelle a pale green blackthorn plum–flavored brandy
Razzmatazz a raspberry-flavored red liqueur
Ricard an anise- and licorice-flavored liqueur
Rock and Rye an American rye whiskey flavored with lemon, orange, and cherry with a piece of rock candy at the bottom
Sabra a chocolate- and orange-flavored liqueur
Safari a liqueur flavored with maracuya, mango, papaya, lemon, and lime
Sambuca an anise- and elderberry-flavored liqueur
Sloe Gin a red sloe berry–flavored gin
Southern Comfort a peach- and orange-flavored American whiskey
St. Hallvard an herb- and spice-flavored liqueur
Strega a liqueur flavored with spices, flowers, and herbs
Swedish Punsch a spiced rum
Tequila Rose a creamy strawberry-flavored tequila
Tía María a coffee- and spice-flavored rum
Triple Sec a brandy produced from the 2nd distillation of Curaçao
Tuaca an orange- and vanilla-flavored brandy
Vandermint a chocolate- and mint-flavored liqueur
Vieille Cure a green or yellow aromatic plant–flavored cognac
Wishniak a wild cherry–flavored liqueur