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2009 Cookbook Gift Guide

We spent a lot of time this year with our noses in cookbooks. And we’ve assembled our top picks—in a baker’s dozen—for gift giving this season. We have a selection here to excite just about anyone to get into the kitchen and start baking. So, read on to find the right book to suit

Platter Up: Dessert Plates for the Holidays

You’ve chopped, kneaded, zested, and baked, and now you are ready to serve. We’ve gathered our top serving picks for dishing up your holiday desserts in style—whatever your tastes may be Continue reading →

2007 Holiday Gift Guide

Finding just the right holiday gift for your loved one can be a serious challenge. When in doubt, staffers stick to the old adage “sweets for the sweet” (so save the Omaha steaks for that cantankerous uncle) Continue reading →

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stirred custard

A custard in which the eggs, sugar, and milk are stirred frequently while cooking to avoid curdling the eggs.

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How to Get that Sparkle Back

Just one bite. That was all it took. It was kinda like a brownie. Sorta like a truffle. And a whole lot like love. Milena RobertsonThomas Haas, a Vancouver, B.C., pastry chef, created Chocolate Sparkles in 2001. Today, he’s selling 3,000 of the sweet gems a week. “It was popular right off,” says Haas, a fourth-generation … Continue reading →

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